Filosofi Kopi [Indonesian Movie Review]

Scriptwriter: Jenny Jusuf

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1 hours 57 minutes

As the name implies, Filosofi Kopi (philosophy of coffee) serves a cup of coffee a deeper meaning more than just its taste, striking us later with a new, strangely grateful feeling of perceiving the bittersweet drink.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Filosofi Kopi surely fondles its viewers with a magnificent journey of how coffee is made and catered through the tale of two lifelong friends.

The story is unfolded with solid intimacy as well as dramatic events that smoothly intertwined as the show comes to an end. Thanks to the actors who play the dynamic duo, the film leaves a strong impact as it is perfectly executed.

The Ego of The Perfecto Coffee

Hearing the name, Filosofi Kopi (Philosophy of Coffee) might get some to interpret it as a documentary film. It is, in fact, a drama movie and it is as good as a documentary on how it could change its audiences’ point of view in coffee.

Debuted in 2015, the film tells the tale of two old friends, Ben (Chicco Jerikho) and Jody (Rio Dewanto), who strive to get their little coffee shop out of the brink of bankruptcy. Though it is relatively small, the coffee shop which also named ‘Filosofi Kopi’ is well-known for the philosophical cue card and the top-notch taste of its varied coffees. 

The issue of the movie is opened up as Jody, the neat bespectacled guy who manages Filosofi Kopi, has to deal with his late father’s debt. Added to that, he has to maintain the coffee shop still in its place. The shop alone used to be his old man’s grocery store before he changed it to the cafe. 

Jody, needing to rack his brain to solve the problem, finds it hard to seek the way out moreover because his friend Ben thinks differently. The messy cocky bartender Ben would go against most of Jody’s idea of keeping the business balanced. 

Instead of cutting off expenses as Jody suggests, Ben prefers to invest more money in getting better, high-quality coffee beans. Given the situation and the difference in logic, they are much the epitome of oil and water. Though it is frankly hilarious they often plunge themselves into a fierce debate. 

The long fight over each ego meets its solution when an investor comes to their place then challenges Ben to make a coffee like no other. The reward, of course, can pay off their debt and even elevates their business.

However, Ben raises the offer more at the point it becomes like a life or death gamble. It is no doubt, Jody who instantly gets frustrated have to sacrifice his will and the remaining money to do the Ben’s way to succeed. After all, he is the bartender.

In a nutshell, after finding the worthy coffee bean, Ben crafts it thoroughly and make a coffee named ‘Perfecto’. Both friends are confident enough to claim it as the best coffee, not just in the capital but the whole country.

Unfortunately, the claim only lasts long until El (Julie Estelle), the girl with Q grader certificate (from Coffee Quality Institute in California), shows up and rejects the claim bluntly. The revelation from El about the top coffee in the country ultimately strikes Ben hard, along with all of his ego as a proficient bartender.

Filosofi Kopi Movie Image 1

The Bittersweet Truth

Despite Ben, who with all his cocky attitude, puts Filosofi Kopi hangs by a thread, he takes the bet seriously. The man is sure a genius when it comes to making coffee. He has learned all the skills for years for the sake of delivering a fine cup of coffee. It is, however, a double-edged sword to him in the way it shapes him into an obstinate bartender.

Beyond his appearance, Ben is such a complex character. His relation with coffee beans is not merely a passion but more like blood running through his vein. He even has that kind of strong yet intricate emotion whenever he passes a coffee plantation.

When Perfecto is defeated by the coffee he didn’t expect at all the coffee that ruins all of his search of knowledge for years Ben is finally frustrated. It hits Ben’s complexity and forces him to return to his root. From there, the reason behind his fondness of coffee is slowly revealed.

Aside from that, if not for Jody, Ben’s self-depiction wouldn’t kick in. Jody’s level-headed and polite nature compromises Ben’s and acts as his counterpart. Both of them cannot stand on their own because they complement each other. Despite represent opposite polar, they face similar problems that make them connected.

Filosofi Kopi combines many issues and delivers them through coffee as a medium. As the epic pursuit continues, each problem arises and gradually finds its answers.

Filosofi Kopi Movie Image 2


“Ben, lu sama gua tuh ibarat hati sama kepala. Hati sama kepala selalu punya masalahnya sendiri-sendiri. Tapi yang satu gak bakalan bisa ‘survive’ tanpa yang lain.”

“Ben, you and I are like the heart and mind. Each of us has our own problem, but one cannot survive without the other.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A tale of coffee and two best-adversarial friends who confront their problems that lead to an unexpected turn of events.

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