Love for Sale

Love for Sale - Indonesian Movie Review
What if you can find your own love by accessing an application called Love.Inc?

Why It’s Worth Watching

Go watch the trailer or search it on a movie database and go to the comment section. Some of the comments would likely mention how wicked Arini is. Initially hired by Richard to be his one-night “fake” girlfriend, Arini slowly makes him fall for her in the slick and polished manner, only in the end stabbing him in the most figurative meaning.

The Long-running Single Man, Mr. Richard

The movie is opened with the mundane life of Richard (Gading Marten), a single man in his 40’s, wearing the underwear and undershirt while casually doing his morning routine. He owns a quite enormous tortoise and often has an instant noodle as a breakfast.

He then goes out to hang out with his friends and watches a soccer game in a cafe. This same, normal occasion he usually does with the group begins to unravel a path to things he hasn’t put much thought to, a lover. He is challenged to bring a partner to his friend’s wedding, and the quest for finding a couple begins.

Richard surely has difficulty in fulfilling the bet it doesn’t bring any result. His reluctance in establishing a relationship seems to play a role in it, yet his desperation somehow leads to the discovery of a brochure that he smuggles out of his own printing business. It contains a service app called Love.Inc that provides a service for renting a partner. While the wedding time is around the corner, Richard is left with no other option except for using this app.

Soon after that, the woman named Arini (Della Dartyan) comes. With her grace and calm manner, she effortlessly manages to collect all the needed info about Richard and her incoming tasks in a short time. Thereby, she succeeds in convincing Richard’s friends, thus carrying off the bet.

Although slightly amazed, Richard has no further intention nor interest in Arini, asking her to return thereafter. Arini quickly rejects that as she explains the contract has not yet met its end time, and it forces him to let the endearing figure live by his side while she slowly crawls into his long-vacant heart. The moment Richard begins to admit the feeling, it becomes a little bit neglecting that he completely forgets the contract is set for 45 days, and Arini strictly bounds to it.

Please Read the EULA First

The 45 days contract of renting a partner in the synopsis quite spoils where the story will end. But, it is more like a preliminary per se in that it confronts the lone man who has already given up the idea of love as the result of his unsuccessful relation many years ago.

It can be easily seen that Richard does not have any intention of committing to anyone and he focuses solely on his business as well as spending time with his friends and his tortoise. While searching for a partner, there is even a nuance of reluctance surrounding Richard that he would not want to be bothered by a long-term relationship, let alone a one-night stand.

How the story ends is just a complement of the arc that precedes it, of how a woman named Arini who Richard hires from the app is capable to ruin the thick, multi-layered wall that Richard has built for a very long time.

Arini is exceedingly sensible in performing her tasks it does not feel like she forces herself into doing it. She strikes the first day with maintaining a casual talk over soccer, which strangely is Richard’s main interest. She takes housewife activities in the following days, changes Richard’s unhealthy diet, and often visits him while he is working.

As the days go and their relationship blossoms at a fast speed, Arini takes the further step by acknowledging Richard to her own “life”. She introduces him to her friends, events that she follows, and her family. It is enough to imprint the belief that Arini has trusted him wholly. Without a doubt, as the feeling grows stronger, Richard gradually begins to fall for her and the seeming facade that awaits the time to shove off.

Despite the “shows” that meticulously planned by Arini, her arrival clearly changes some declining aspects that Richard possesses, that develops shortly after the contract ends. His fierce attitude toward his employee becomes softened and he starts to see things from a different perspective. 

With all the magical-like things that happened to Richard, he surely pays a great price for hiring and knowing Arini. He willingly opens up to the love that Arini offers with a genuine feeling which he is secretly longing, although in the end, it lies uncertainty.

Love for Sale surely offers a regular story, yet it is well executed by the chemistry of Marten’s Richard and Dartyan’s Arini who surprisingly manages to pull off her first movie debut. Richard’s strict, rigid, and grumpy traits assure him as a person that hard to be approached. Therefore, Arini’s attractiveness and distinctiveness are paired with them and fuel the movie excitingly.


“Sungguh, mencintai adalah sebuah pekerjaan yang berat dan penuh resiko, karena memang melibatkan perasaan. Tapi kukira, mengambil resiko tak pernah ada salahnya.”

“Indeed, loving is a heavy and risky job, because it does involve feelings. But I think to myself, taking a risk never a bad thing.”

A dark romance about a single man taking contract for a woman companion and ignorantly falling for her despite the limited period of convention.

Where to watch:

Director: Andibachtiar Yusuf

Genre: Dark, Romance

Scriptwriter: ‎Andibachtiar Yusuf, M Irfan Ramly

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

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