Fiksi. [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Drama ] Fiksi. (=Fiction.) presents a story of a woman who falls in love with an aspiring novelist and his distinct stories of his apartment residents. The woman’s chilling nature slowly becomes visible as she tries to contribute to the man’s made up stories.   Read the full review

Emma’ (Athirah) [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama, Romance ] Athirah follows the story of a mother of three children who betrayed by her husband after she finds out he marries another woman from the outside of the island. Meanwhile, Ucu, the oldest child, must endure the tainted side of the man he has been respected and feel obliged to console…

Love for Sale [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Romance ] Love for Sale follows the mundane life of Richard, a single man in his 40’s, who gets challenged by his friends to invite his partner to the friend’s wedding. Little do they know, the woman Richard brings is the one he hires from a dubious app, and little does Richard know, he…

Posesif [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Romance ] Posesif (=Possessive) tells the story of a high school girl and a platform diving athlete who briskly engages in a relationship with a transferred student she just met. The sweet romance gradually goes downhill as the boyfriend begins to uncover his other-self.    Read the full review

Surat dari Praha [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama, Romance ] Surat dari Praha (=Letters from Prague) tells the ironic life of an exiled man who lost his nationality and contact of his lover despite many letters he sent. Years after that, one reply letter arrives with an unexpected woman who has connections to the man’s lover. Their identities are slowly revealed as…