Fiksi. [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Drama ] Fiksi. (=Fiction.)¬†presents a story of a woman who falls in love with an aspiring novelist and his distinct stories of his apartment residents. The woman’s chilling nature slowly becomes visible as she tries to contribute to the man’s made up stories.   Read the full review

Tilik [Indonesian Short Movie Review]

[ Comedy, Drama ] Tilik (=to pay a visit) is a one-shot dialogue-driven story that rotates around the group of women who take a ride on a truck to visit their sick village chief. The situation heats up once the bickering over the most beautiful single woman from their village escalates into a tiny-scale war.  …

Dengar [Indonesian Short Movie Review]

[ Drama, Short Film ] Dengar (=Listen) offers a relaxing story of human’s worry over choices, told within the conversation between an online taxi driver and his passenger. Though the problem seems cliche, how the film concludes and delivers it is enough to mesmerize the audiences. Read the full review