Posesif - Indonesian Movie Review

Alternative title: Possesive

Posesif attracts viewers with a cheerful and intimate story of two lovers, until one turns into something threatening and changes the whole course of their relationship.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Posesif (possessive) tells a different face of mainstream young romance which filled with a joyous relationship between two perfect couples that deterred by the outer force. 

On the contrary, Posesif portrays a girl that trapped inside an unhealthy relationship, caged by the sweet and conforming boyfriend who can change suddenly into a violent and unsympathetic man. All that left is the girl’s choice to stay or to escape.       

The Distorted Prince Charming

Posesif follows the story of Lala (Putri Marino) as a final year high school student and a platform diving athlete which happened to be her late mother’s career. She lives a decent life, has best friends, and very good-looking. All of this perfection is then completed when she meets a transferred student named Yudhis (Adipati Dolken).

Their encounter quickly blossoms into a flourishing relationship and the string of happy times between the two passes like expected from a young, carefree romance. 

Afterward, Yudhis who’ve been showing the kind personality begins unfolding his colors. The first obstacle they face happens when Lala is upset about another swimmer stealing the first place and his coach father’s (Yayu Unru) acknowledgment. Instead of giving support to Lala, Yudhis blames her for the lack of the time she wants to spend with him.

It gets even worse when Yudhis points a laser toy to Lala’s competitor’s eyes right before the jump to the pool. As a result, Lala decides to give up her position after defending the accusation her father throws towards her boyfriend.

Yudhis, of course, consoles Lala yet doesn’t tell he did the wrong deed. Lala falls for comfort and seemingly forgets his unsympathetic attitude from before. Indeed, the fight immediately cools off and the relationship warms up. It doesn’t take long though until it begins to crumble again.

One afternoon, Lala hangs out with her friends and Yudhis isn’t invited. It would not be problematic since Lala just wants to have fun. Yet, for the typical possessive boyfriend, it could be expected that he might, at some point, attempt to know what her lover is doing while he’s not around, especially when one of her friends is a male.

He tries to call her several times. And really, the number of missed calls on Lala’s phone is quite many like it comes from someone who is in a state of emergency. It much worse and frightening than that as the viewer can catch the glimpse of the “caring” boyfriend on the window reflection where Lala and her friend are playing, holding his phone while he’s hoping for her to pick up the phone.

Right after that, he calls this Lala’s male friend Rino (Chicco Kurniawan) and requests him to tell Lala that Yudhis comes to pick her up. After that, the argument over Rino starts and it ends abruptly when Yudhis pulls her lover’s hair, making her crying and scared. Nevertheless, Yudhis’ cycle of hurting and asking forgiveness continues and Lala becomes bewildered as she struggles to find the way out beneath her love for Yudhis.

The Struggle Being Blinded by Love

As mentioned before, the relationship between Lala and Yudhis endures the cycle of abusing and making up. It is not limited to physical abuse but verbal abuse too. Yudhis’ cruelty even takes a step further to cause harm to Lala’s friend. Moreover, it is shown clearly that Yudhis begins to control Lala’s life and the relationship becomes more difficult to handle.

Despite knowing the true nature of his boyfriend, Lala finds herself caged in the arms of Yudhis’. Every time she tries to end the relationship, Yudhis successfully manages to make her forgive. The manipulative boyfriend even barges into her room, in the middle of the night, without given key access nor invitation, and Lala foolishly takes it lightly without even thinking he has crossed the line.

Lala’s endeavor to get out of the situation becomes twisted with the idea of changing Yudhis completely, as the love she has toward him is gradually mingled with sympathy. It leads to misdeed she wills to take at the finale of the movie.

Lala’s clouded mind becomes more apparent as her dad’s efforts to talk some sense to her is denied. It is too little late for Lala to realize things she already loses.

Through the naiveness of Lala, the movie tries to capture the general phenomenon of possessive partners as well as toxic relationships that should be prevented at any cost. It greatly explains how one finds it hard to escape from such a relationship even though they cannot bear it anymore. After all, they are blinded with the love they feel as their logic becomes numb.

Needless to say, Posesif successfully formulates such premises into an interesting story of first love that turns bad. Dolken’s amazing deliverance of the boyfriend adds the plus of this movie too. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t do it just when showing the cause of Yudhis’ abusing trait. It is hurriedly executed within one scene and somehow, it leaves no element of surprise as it feels surprisingly ordinary. It may be different if they give hints instead, from the beginning of the movie.

Nevertheless, Posesif offers an engaging and unique love story. It’s so dissimilar to other love tales in the way of the direction it is headed, in which from happy to a bad relationship.


“Aku sama sama kamu, La. Kita sama-sama diminta untuk menjadi mereka. Diminta untuk Dengerin mereka. Tapi apa mereka pernah dengerin kita? Mereka mau dengerin aja enggak kok.”

“You and I are the same, La. They’re asking us to be them. To listen to them. But do they ever listen to us? They don’t ever listen.”

A grim story of a sweet love going south because one adoring partner turns to be dreadful.

Where to watch:

Director: Edwin

Genre: Dark, Romance

Scriptwriter: Ginatri S. Noer

Runtime: 1 hour 41 minute

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