Jermal [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Jermal tells the untold story of a place in the middle of the sea that is filled with underage workers. Jaya, a 12 old kid, attempts to reunite with his long-lost father there, only to find the harsh denial and tyranny that he needs to deal with.   Read the full review

Selamat Pagi, Malam [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Selamat Pagi, Malam (In the Absence of the Sun) gives the satirical views of the lives in the capital Jakarta with all of its issues that become more intricate as days pass. Three separate women take a one night journey that will change how they perceive the city once and for all.   …

27 Steps of May [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Drama ] 27 Steps of May tells the story of May who has to live with her trauma after being sexually abused eight years ago. May who chooses to isolate herself within the silence of her space and her self-blaming father soon rediscover reassurance between a hole that connects her room and a…

Tiga Hari untuk Selamanya [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Tiga Hari untuk Selamanya (Three Days to Forever) follows the road trip of two cousins from Jakarta to a family wedding in Yogyakarta. As the journey begins, they decide to take a detour and enjoy attractions along the road while striking each other with various topics that eventually lead them to learning…

Emma’ (Athirah) [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama, Romance ] Athirah follows the story of a mother of three children who betrayed by her husband after she finds out he marries another woman from the outside of the island. Meanwhile, Ucu, the oldest child, must endure the tainted side of the man he has been respected and feel obliged to console…

Tabula Rasa [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Tabula Rasa tells the encounter of a man from east Indonesia and a group of western Indonesian that runs a small Padang restaurant. The man embarks on his new journey there after he fails to follow his dream as a soccer player.   Read the full review

Posesif [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Romance ] Posesif (=Possessive) tells the story of a high school girl and a platform diving athlete who briskly engages in a relationship with a transferred student she just met. The sweet romance gradually goes downhill as the boyfriend begins to uncover his other-self.    Read the full review

Surat dari Praha [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama, Romance ] Surat dari Praha (=Letters from Prague) tells the ironic life of an exiled man who lost his nationality and contact of his lover despite many letters he sent. Years after that, one reply letter arrives with an unexpected woman who has connections to the man’s lover. Their identities are slowly revealed as…

Filosofi Kopi [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Filosofi Kopi excitingly caters a refreshing journey through the pursuit of the finest coffee wrapped with an amusing, yet melancholy relationship between two long-life friends. It serves coffee a deeper meaning more than what found beneath its bittersweet taste.   Read the full review