Tabula Rasa [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Tabula Rasa tells the encounter of a man from east Indonesia and a group of western Indonesian that runs a small Padang restaurant. The man embarks on his new journey there after he fails to follow his dream as a soccer player.   Read the full review

Posesif [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Dark, Romance ] Posesif (=Possessive) tells the story of a high school girl and a platform diving athlete who briskly engages in a relationship with a transferred student she just met. The sweet romance gradually goes downhill as the boyfriend begins to uncover his other-self.    Read the full review

Surat dari Praha [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama, Romance ] Surat dari Praha (=Letters from Prague) tells the ironic life of an exiled man who lost his nationality and contact of his lover despite many letters he sent. Years after that, one reply letter arrives with an unexpected woman who has connections to the man’s lover. Their identities are slowly revealed as…

Filosofi Kopi [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Filosofi Kopi excitingly caters a refreshing journey through the pursuit of the finest coffee wrapped with an amusing, yet melancholy relationship between two long-life friends. It serves coffee a deeper meaning more than what found beneath its bittersweet taste.   Read the full review

Gundala [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Action, Drama ] Gundala blasts his lightning again to the big screen since 38 years ago. Thanks to the veteran director Joko Anwar, the film richly packed with great actions combined with decent special effects and ethereal stories.  The iconic hero also announces his way as the opening arc of the upcoming Indonesian superhero universe….

Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini [Indonesian Movie Review]

[ Drama ] Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini (=One Day We’ll Talk about Today) brings you into a glimpse of a family tragedy that takes a great toll on the mind of each member for years. The problem being kept for a long time then begins to unveil, followed by overwhelming emotion that can’t…

Dengar [Indonesian Short Movie Review]

[ Drama, Short Film ] Dengar (=Listen) offers a relaxing story of human’s worry over choices, told within the conversation between an online taxi driver and his passenger. Though the problem seems cliche, how the film concludes and delivers it is enough to mesmerize the audiences. Read the full review